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Today's One Minute Motivator

Stop wasting your life. If you are spending time during your day, doing things like checking non work related internet sites, taking personal phone calls, text messaging friends during meetings, etc, you need to get a life. The same thing applies to your off hours, if you are doing this kind of thing to excess, you are taking time away from your significant relationships or other valuable things. Add up the time you spend doing this type of thing and you will discover you could get a degree in a new field related to what you really want, or write a business plan, look for a new job and so on. Wasting time like this is a sign you are bored, frustrated, or unhappy in some way. Take the time you are using to "kill time" and use it to find out what you really want to do with your life, put a plan together to achieve it and start doing it.

Sixty Seconds to Success
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